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Masters of Intoxicology

Estate-grown Wines - Small Batch Liquors - Craft Beers


We offer uncommon (terroir) wines made by uncommon wine growers. You know, the crazy ones who are in love with their land and honor the traditions. These iconoclasts believe the neighbors are heretics and whores. They loathe the modern manipulation techniques taught to their fathers at U. Cal. Davis. They practice their grandfathers’ old-school ways, which are obsessively organic. This movement increasingly transcends gender and geography. Their wines are crazy too; crazy good that is.

Friends don’t let friends drink Yellow Tail (or any industrial wines).Like us on Facebook, or we'll send you cute kitten videos.

Glass Half Full is located in Provincetown, where crazy is a given.

Fall Hours: Monday to Saturday: 12 pm - 10 pm. Sunday: 12 pm - 9 pm.
Call 508-487-0100 just to be sure, because, you know, Provincetown.


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